Frequently Asked Questions

Please be aware that due to federal privacy laws, we may only give OneView Parent Portal access to a custodial parent or guardian.

Question - Is there a training video to assist me with setting up my account and completing the online forms?
Answer - Please check out the OneView Parent Portal online tutorial.

Question - What if I don't have a computer?
Answer - If you do not have a computer you are encouraged to visit a local library or a neighbor to complete the required online forms and print out any printable forms.  If you are still unable to access a computer there will be computers available during Schedule Pickup Day that you can use to complete the OneView process.

Question - What information do I need to create my OneView parent account?

Answer - You'll need your name and email address.  You'll also be asked to create a username, password and PIN for securely accessing your account.

Question - What if I don't have an email address?
Answer - You can easily create a free email account at Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any other number of free email providers.

Question - What information will I need to link my student to my parent account?
Answer - You will need your student's last name, grade level, date of birth and student ID number.

Question - What is my student's ID number?
Answer - Your student's ID number was on the summer mailing that you received.  For returning students it is the same student ID number that they use in the cafeteria line and when pulling print jobs from the copiers on campus.  The student ID is also printed on the student schedule.  If you have unable to locate your student's ID, please contact student services at (937) 778-1980 ext 275.