Creating a OneView Account
The OneView parent/guardian account MUST BE created by a parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years old.
Your student may assist you in creating the account and completing the forms.
Students under the age of 18 MUST NOT
complete the forms on their own.

Instructions for Creating an Account in OneView can be found HERE.
If you are new to OneView Parent Portal be sure to check out the OneView Quick Start Guide and OneView Quick Start Video.

All of the information on this form is generated by the parent/guardian.
You will make up your own login ID and password as well as your own security question and PIN number for the Parent Portal.
Once you have created your account you will be able to login and link your student(s) to your parent/guardian account.

Failure to complete and submit the online forms may result in your student being removed from their career technical lab until the forms are submitted.

To get started, you will need to register as a prospective parent with our district. Please provide all information below and click the 'Register' button at the bottom to register and get yourself set up. Fields in bold are required.
Personal Information
Your First Name:     
Your Last Name:     
Your Email Address:     
Alternate Email:    (If provided, we will copy this email on all messages sent out)
Contact Phone:    (If provided, we can use to speak with you if needed)
Your Registration Status:  
Account Access Information
Parent Login ID:      
Parent Password:      (Known only to you - do not share)
Confirm Password:     
Forgot Password Question:     (Used to verify your identity if needed)
Forgot Password Answer:     
PIN Code:     (Please provide a pin code for additional security)